Project Description

Client:   SIA “Alfa Construction”
Location:   Riga, Sporta street 1
Surface Area: Fourteen floors plus maintenance floor.
Year Completed:   Work in progress…

At the moment, our company is renovating a 14-storey office building. A lot of tasks stand before us, some of which are installation of fire-protection systems, assembly of drywall structures and finishing works.

The Challenges

From civil and engineering points of view, the building is very complex, but thanks to high professionalism and extensive experience, our team is easily coping with all the tasks.

Particular attention was paid to fire-spread prevention in the building. To do this, we delivered and installed some effective fire protection structures. They include special fire-protection windows, doors and partitions that reduce fire propagation rate.

We performed installation of multi-level ceilings and drywall partitions of complex forms according to predetermined and agreed sketch. All frame elements were installed strictly according to drawings and reinforced in windows and doors areas. The joints of gypsum boards were made smooth and taped with a special reinforcing tap.

The final stage of work was decorative finishing. Wallpapering and painting was done on pre-aligned and plastered walls. Laminate was laid on the floors. Self-leveling floors were used in some premises.