Project Description

Client:   SIA “BŪVE PLUS”
Location:   Riga, Rembates street 8, 10
Surface Area:   Ten floors plus basement

In 2015, our company completed the first stage of works in the Purvciems residential area. We faced the challenge of internal finishing and decoration of residential and public premises in a 10-storey building.

The Challenges

What had been done:

  • Installation of plasterboard structures. We carried out a big work to construct multi-level ceilings, partitions, different niches and complex curved surfaces.
  • Cosmetic finishing and painting. In all areas, walls and floors were aligned, finishing and painting of surfaces was done with high quality. All the work was carried out in accordance with the previously drawn up design-project, which had been agreed with the customer.
  • Waterproofing. Our team has processed basement waterproofing, as well as waterproofing of floors and walls in bathrooms, to protect structures from the damaging effects of moisture. Also, we processed all plasterboard and wooden surfaces for the purposes of protection from mold and microorganisms.
  • Laying tiles. In our work, we used tiles of various sizes, including mosaic. Our job included laying walls and floors with tiles of several types (depending on the design of a particular room). Our masters possess extensive tile laying experience, so all the work was carried out with high quality, and tiles are guaranteed to last for many years.