Project Description

Client:   SIA «LNK Industries»
Location:   Riga, Paula Valdena street 3,5,7
Surface Area: ~3,400 m2
Year Completed:   2015

Our company has carried out interior reconstruction of a building, belonging to the Scientific Library of the Riga Technical University. Our task was to create some multi-level decorative ceilings, to erect drywall structures and conduct finishing works in all premises.

The Challenges

Before starting to work, the walls and ceilings were carefully aligned with high-quality and proven plaster.

We developed a project that was fully agreed with the customer. Then the experts made a detailed drawing of the future drywall constructions in a specialized program. The obtained data was transferred directly on to the working surfaces.

Thereafter, in accordance to planned lines, we mounted metal rails. In heavy load areas (doors, windows) we installed wooden beams. Then on these rails and beams, plasterboards were installed. All joints were taped with reinforcing tape and then – puttied up.

The final stage was finishing of premises. All surfaces were prepared and then coated with a durable and strong lacquer painting compound. In some places, as per design project, we carried out tiles laying works.

Since our team is highly qualified and experienced, all the works have been carried out very efficiently and on time.