Project Description

Klients:   Senior Riga SIA
Location: Babīte, Lapsas, Briežu 3
Surface: 280 m2
Dates:: 2017.gada Augusts-Decembris.

We faced the task of designing and building a “turnkey” boarding house for elderly people according to modern standards, all the elements of the house were agreed with the organization Apeirons. During the creation of the project, particular attention was paid to people with musculoskeletal system disorders and elderly people. Our responsibility was not only to construct and decorate the building but also to lay engineering communications and create the most comfortable living conditions for disabled people.

The Challenges

What was done:

  • Before beginning the project, our team carefully studied the normative requirements and all the Apeirons recommendations. The thresholds and other obstacles that could hinder moving in a wheelchair were removed so that people with musculoskeletal disorders could comfortably live in the building. Restrooms were provided with supports and particular attachments. Special marks and iconography were introduced for people with poor eyesight. Throughout the documentation development process, we received various notifications from Apeirons and other related organizations which we took into account in the project.
  • After the final project was agreed and approved by the Ministry of welfare, health inspection, and fire service, we began constructing. We carried out the complete cycle of preparations, general construction, and decoration. All engineering communications were laid and connected. The accessible environment safety was the key criterion during the construction.
  • It is worth noting especially that our company produced the specialized equipment and “no back pain” beds for people with musculoskeletal disorders. The garden bed is raised over the ground, and it is possible to move in a wheelchair to such abed as if to a table. To set all the simulators, we built a platform where we installed: a simulator for fingers, legs, joints and brain activity.