Project Description

Client:   SIA “Imanta Retail Park”
Location:   Riga, Kurzemes prospekts 3a
Surface Area: 20,000 m2.

From May to July 2016 our company was engaged in transferring the sewage system and repairing the production building near the mall PRISAM in 3 Kurzemes prospect, Riga. The work was divided into three stages: sewage network, cleaning up the territory off the construction waste and repairing production buildings.

Stage 1 – the sewage system. Delivery time – 2 months. Our goal was to clean the central network and transfer existing pipes from the territory of the mall DEPO under construction. In the beginning, our engineers developed a detailed plan of production works and agreed on it with the city services, after that we started the work. Firstly, we pumped dirt out of wells and pipes with a powerful slime pump. Then the rest depositions were mechanically removed using chemicals.

To transfer sewage pipes the existing networks were tamped, and some pipes were dismantled. We installed new viewing wells and powerful sanitary pumps. The system is located 5 meters deep, therefore, to work safely and conveniently supporting walls were installed. After the pipes were laid, and the pump was put, the additional constructions were dismantled, and the ditches were covered with ground.

Stage 2 – cleaning waste. Delivery time – 1 month. We had to remove construction wastes from the 3-7 floors of the administrative building at the shopping center PRISMA. The amount of work was significant, and the time allocated was only 1 month, so workers and equipment worked on the irregular schedule. Furthermore, all actions had to be agreed with the PRISMA management.

There were brick fragments, plaster and cement remnants in the premises. First of all, workers dismantled the remains of walls and other constructions. Little garbage was packed into sacks; larger fragments were accurately taken out. After clearing the premises, we brought cars with containers and transported all the construction waste to a specially allocated area nearby. A third party then transported it to be utilized.

Despite tight deadlines and high pace, all the work was carried out at the highest level. Special measures were taken to prevent dust from spreading onto nearby areas. Although the schedule was irregular, noisy work was done strictly at the allotted time.

Stage 3 – renovation of industrial buildings. Delivery time – 1 month. Our task was to prepare the former radio engineering factory premises for further repair and construction works. The repair of this massive object was divided into several parts. Our company participated in the first preparatory part. The work was carried out in the administrative building of the plant. Our goal was to remove the existing plaster from walls.

First of all, our experts inspected the entire territory, made a work plan and identified possible problem areas. It was noted that considerable piles of construction waste could prevent our work. We decided to collect it, pack into sacks and unload onto the adjacent territory allocated for repair and construction wastes. All in all, 8 containers or 60 m 3 were shipped.

After that we began to dismantle the old plaster. The area of all walls under work was about 1351 m 2 . Thanks to the well-coordinated team and professional equipment, the work was carried out within a short time period. The final stage was to collect and pack all plaster fragments into sacks. Then the garbage was put into containers and taken away to the designated area.