Project Description

Client:   SIA “BMS Tehnologija”
Location:   Riga, Kr. Barona street 66/68
Surface Area: 1,564 m2
Year Completed:   2016

Our company has conducted a partial reconstruction of a two-story apartment house in the city center. We were tasked to completely replace the stairs and landings.

The Challenges

Prior to work, we had drawn up a design for the econstruction. Strict compliance with general style of the building, high quality and durability of structures were among the top customer’s requirements. In details, we measured all the geometry of existing stairwells, thought-out all ergonomics issues and safe of use concerns.

The first step was dismantling of dilapidated structures. Powerful professional tools and top competence in our field have allowed us to perform this work in just a few days.

To replace those dismantled elements, the next step was to manufacture new ones and to deliver them to the construction site. Since our company possesses its own production line of concrete products, all stairs elements were manufactured quickly, with high quality and, most important, – they exactly matched the specified sizes.

The final stage was installation. Our professional team quickly and accurately placed stairways, platforms and handrails. After mounting, all the surfaces were carefully processed and cosmetically finished. The reconstruction took 1.5 months.