Project Description

Our company repaired two industrial buildings in Piedrujas street. The total area of the premises is more than 6000 m 2 . Our task was to assemble plasterboard
constructions, plaster, lay tiles, install window sills, arrange a modular ceiling and decorate buildings.

After the detailed project of work to be done was made and agreed, we started installing plasterboard constructions. Metal profiles were set in pre-marked locations; then plasterboard sheets were attached to them. Before spackling, all seams were glued with special tape to prevent cracking. Workers then puttied the surface and carefully polished it. Finally, the plasterboard constructions were painted in several layers.

According to the project, we leveled the block walls with one-plaster layer and painted. It was necessary to lay tiles onto floors and partly walls. Experienced craftsmen did all the work, so all the seams and joints were smooth with no drops. After that, the workers began to install window sills. During the installation, all the cracks were filled with foam and additionally warmed. Moreover, the sills and their fasteners were furthermore strengthened, to be on the safe side.

Modular and plasterboard ceilings were arranged throughout the premises. Also, the stairwells were equipped with a reinforced metal frame, where ceiling fire ins were fixed. Such ceilings can endure high temperatures for several hours, without allocating thus harmful substances.

After installing all elements and constructions, we started decorating. All untreated surfaces were leveled with special mixtures to eliminate the slightest defects. Then they were primed and covered with finishing coat.