Project Description

Location: Turaidas street 1, Pinki, Babite

Organization work of public facilities have been carried out within the project task. Beforehand, the preparation of work project was created. Detailed knots and specific elements developed. The work process was complicated by non-standard sized sliding gate (14 meters) and sophisticated manufacturing fence design.

Considering the terrain of the territory, and uniqueness of each element, precise detailed drawings were prepared, accurate points were concluded, providing both the correct progression between heights and the distance between stanchions. Production took effect, according to the strict technological map of SIA "A-ES GROUP", constructions were galvanized, with help of our cooperation partner, zinc coating was applied as well as powder coating in two layers. In result of these actions, we gain high precision in the production process and later, in the stage of assembly at the facility.

Following similar to SIA "A-ES GROUP" technology, massive gates and gateways were also manufactured. All structures have been assembled on the project territory, and impregnated, according to calculations regarding support element. The whole system is atomized and provided with necessary infrastructure.