Project Description

Client:   SIA “VELVE”
Location:   Riga, Azenes street 12
Surface Area: 9,777.78 m2
Year Completed:   2015

In 2015, our company completed campus renovation for the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Riga Technical University.

The Challenges

We have carried out:

  • Removal of old paint. The procedure was performed according to our proprietary technology, which allows to remove outdated coverage quickly and effectively. We used an alkaline remover, which is completely safe for the surface and allows to apply plaster immediately without washing – that saves time and money for the customer.
  • Installation of suspended ceilings. The job was done quickly and efficiently. Extensive experience and professional tools have allowed our team to minimize the appearance of the seams.
  • Equipment of rooms and corridors with sound-absorbing systems. In the hallways, overhead panels with special audio-traps were installed. They allow to completely neutralize the echo effect, as well as to absorb sound waves. In the rooms, we used a high-density plaster, capable of decreasing noise that comes through the walls.
  • Installation of drywall constructions. Multilevel ceilings, arches and curved elements.
  • Laying tiles. All the tiles were manufactured by us exclusively for this object.
  • Plastering and finishing of walls and ceilings.

Additionally, using pressurizing method, we performed insulation works of roof and ceilings. We used some batt insulation materials that combine fine thermal insulation characteristics and high ecological compatibility.