Modern house is not just walls and a roof, but also a variety of communications that provide safe and comfortable life. Today it is hard to imagine life not only without electricity or water, but without the Internet, heating and gas line.

“A-ES Group” performs design, installation and maintenance of various engineering networks: water supply, sewerage, electrical supply, gas, garbage chutes, heating, ventilation, laundry chutes. Hundreds of organizations and private customers have already benefited from our services.

Why do they choose us? “A-ES Group” advantages:

  • High quality of work. Extensive experience and high qualification allows us to create perfect networks even in the most difficult conditions;
  • Professional experts. Our staff is made up of only best professionals, examined by years of work;
  • Strict adherence to all necessary standards and norms;
  • Low-cost, flexible system of discounts. After conducting a research of the modern building market, we can confidently say that no one has a better favorable price/performance ratio than us. In addition, we provide discounts for repeat customers on all types of work;
  • Deadlines and punctuality. Completion dates, specified in the contract, are guaranteed and not changeable;
  • Quality materials and professional equipment.

In addition, our experts carry out maintenance and reconstruction of existing systems. We provide minimum 2 years’ warranty on perfect functioning of all constructed engineering networks.

We possess extensive experience in construction and maintenance, so we are not afraid of challenges and difficult projects. “A-ES Group” experts use the latest technologies in lining of communications. For this reason, by contacting us, you get turnkey engineering networks.