“A-ES Group” carries out works of any complexity quickly, inexpensively, and, most important, with high quality and reliability!

The speed of life in the modern world is constantly growing. Duration and complexity of construction get reduced due to production of ready-made kits. That is why a developed network of enterprises, producing prefabricated products, makes installation of structures to be one of the leading technological processes in construction. This process involves logistics, preparatory works and, in fact, installation itself.

Stage of logistics begins with prefabricated products loading, which takes place on the factory, then happens their transportation, followed by unloading and warehousing at the construction site. Then small constructions are built up, connected into larger structures and equipped with rigging devices and parts for precise installation. Installation stage is about lifting, transportation on the site, moving into place and fastening. These works are often accompanied by welding, cementing and sealing of joints, anti-corrosion treatment, grounding.

“A-ES Group” performs all kinds of installation works and has a fully equipped and modern technical base. We install advertising constructions (racks, banners, billboards), roofs, various fences, any metal, wood or concrete structures, and much more. All works are performed by experienced specialists, familiar with the most efficient technologies available. We will carry out the most complex projects. Being confident in the quality of installation works, we can guarantee perfect operation of installed structures. We work in accordance with all relevant norms and standards.