“A-ES Group” provides a full range of maintenance and finishing services. In a short time, we will turn residential and non-residential premises into technically and aesthetically perfect condition. Our specialists have modern tools and renovation techniques in their disposal.

During the construction or maintenance of apartment, house, office or any other space, special attention should be paid to finishing. Once in a new room, it is its appearance in the first place that people pay attention to. Therefore, you shouldn’t entrust finishing works to amateurs.

During many years of our work, a lot of individuals and organizations have used our services. We stand out from other companies, and here’s why:

  • We have an extensive experience in various areas of finishing. We are always ready for all kinds of situations and complicated cases, so we can put absolutely any premise into a perfect condition;
  • Our services represent a favorable balance of cost and quality. You can be sure that the price, specified in the contract, will not change during the working process, and the quality will be outstanding;
  • Short terms. Our specialists do not delay refurbishment works and perform all jobs with high quality and accurately within a specified period of time;
  • Purchase and delivery of necessary construction materials. If you do not have a possibility to search and order reliable building materials, we can provide finishing with everything it needs;
  • Transparent work and detailed reporting. We are completely open to customers and provide reports on the progress of maintenance;
  • Warranty on all works. We are confident in skills of our professionals and provide a warranty on our high-quality works for a period of at least 2 years.

Contact “A-ES Group” and we will get your premises into a perfect condition!