Earthworks is a basis of the whole future construction.

“A-ES Group” has its own fleet of construction vehicles, skilled workers and all necessary permits, which allows to provide services quickly and with high quality.

List of services:

  • trenching for communications, pits for various needs, vertical planning of territories;
  • digging and deepening of ponds, pools, etc.;
  • removal of construction waste and soil, site clean-up;
  • laying of sand-gravel and ground pads;
  • ground backfilling and compaction.

One of the most sought-after earthworks are foundation pit digging and trenching for various communications.

Foundation pits

First of all, we carry out geodetic reconnaissance to analyze soil characteristics. It is important to know the groundwater level, so in case of groundwater deposits, to take waterproofing measures. The next step is to layout the future foundation pit and to calculate its dimensions. It is also important to remove extracted ground. We know that durability and reliability of foundation depends on the quality of foundation pit, so we employ only qualified professionals with extensive experience.


Trenches are paved for various communications: water, electricity, etc. A-ES Construction possesses a variety of modern and efficient machines and tools that can perform excavation works quickly and with high quality. However, it is not always possible to use construction equipment. For example, in difficult locations or when close to existing communications, it is required to use manual labor. We provide all types of excavation services and use both manual labor and construction equipment.